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EMPEA Annual Report 2011/2012

Building an Intelligent Global Industry


EMPEA's 2011/2012 Annual Report reflects on the evolution of emerging markets private equity over the last several years and EMPEA’s role in building an intelligent global industry.


Spotlight: Regulation Rethink

Among the many EMPEA milestones from the past year, EMPEA unveiled the EMPEA Legal & Regulatory Guidelines in July 2012. This year's Annual Report shines a spotlight on the Guidelines and the discussions they are provoking around the world.



EMPEA powers the emerging markets private equity landscape by delivering unparalleled intelligence and market data upon which investment decisions are being made every day. EMPEA's 2011/2012 Annual Report provides a window into the critical role that EMPEA plays in building a global industry through our actionable intelligence, unifying voice and industry events connecting a network of pan-emerging markets experts and investors.

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