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Powered by our proprietary industry database, FundLink, EMPEA's figures are viewed as the industry standard for emerging markets private equity statistics.

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Q4 2013 EM PE Industry Statistics

Posted On: 3 Feb 2014

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According to EMPEA’s proprietary database of private equity and venture capital across emerging markets, FundLink, 150 funds raised US$36 billion in 2013, a 19% decline compared to 2012. Capital invested in 2013 decreased, but at a slower pace of 7% year-on-year, to US$24 billion raised through 883 deals. After a sluggish first half of 2013, deal activity picked up in the second half of the year, showing positive signs of fund managers continuing to see attractive investment opportunities in emerging markets.

EMPEA Members have exclusive access to the detailed report (PowerPoint) and underlying data (Excel). A high-level summary of the Q4 2013 EM PE Industry Statistics is available to the public.

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EMPEA Data Insights (Q4 2013)

Posted On: 2 Feb 2014

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The EMPEA Data Insights are quarterly updates of high-level trends and notable developments in all major emerging market regions plus Brazil, China, and India. The Data Insights offer unique access to EMPEA’s statistics at the regional and country level and provide detailed analytics of fundraising trends and deal flow.

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Frontier Markets Data Insight (Q4 2013)

Posted On: 1 Feb 2014

Since 2008, US$160 billion has been invested by private equity investors across emerging markets. While 93% of the capital has been concentrated in 25 countries that constitute a number of prominent emerging markets public equity indices, activity in the remaining, less developed frontier markets has recently increased and in 2013 represented 12% of total capital invested outside of developed markets...

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Emerging Markets Private Equity Data Dashboards

Posted On: 11 May 2013

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The Emerging Markets Private Equity Data Dashboards, featuring analytics solutions from SAP, provide an interactive, easily accessible window into EMPEA’s pan-emerging market fundraising and investment data, giving users the information needed to drive investment decisions.

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