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Third-Party Resources

The resources contained in this section have been researched and written by third-parties. EMPEA provides access to third-party reports that we believe may be valuable to our site visitors as additional private equity and emerging markets resources. However, EMPEA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness of the material. For questions and confirmation of the information provided, please contact the originating company. The views in these reports are of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of EMPEA.

Investment Facilitation in Transitional and Fragile States

Posted On: 1 Dec 2013  |  Source: Centire for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)  |  Authors: Jake Cusack and Matt Tilleard, CrossBoundary 

This paper outlines a new tool for policymakers to deploy to encourage private-sector development in developing nations. Specifically it argues that in fragile states there are systemic failures that cause an intermediation gap between sources of capital and entrepreneurs seeking investment. This gap prevents investment by raising transaction costs and exacerbating information asymmetry. 

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China in Africa: Competing with China

Posted On: 24 Oct 2013  |  Source: FTI Consulting, March 2013

Africa is becoming an ever increasingly attractive market for investors. This is most notable in the realm of new discoveries in the oil, gas and minerals sectors where 48 out of 54 African countries are currently engaged in prospecting activity. The phenomenal demand in China for African commodities, minerals and energy has driven significant Chinese investment activity across the continent, which takes many forms and presents significant challenges to competitors seeking to secure advantage. As a result of this tide of interest, the Africa and Asia Global Risk Investigations Practice (GRIP) at FTI Consulting has developed an analysis of Chinese engagement in Africa. Given the difficulties inherent in competing in this environment, understanding China’s engagement strategy, its successes and its failures, is critical to developing an overarching strategy aimed at enhancing a company’s competitive edge.

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The Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013: View from the Ground

Posted On: 24 Oct 2013  |  Source: FTI Consulting, 2013

This year’s Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was headlined “Prospects for the Global Economy: Time for Decisive Action”. President Vladimir Putin – now in his thirteenth year as the country’s leader – made a stimulus plan the centrepiece of his annual speech at the event. With slowing economic growth a primary concern, this year’s agenda focused on boosting economic activity and once more emerging from the global financial crisis. Despite the ambitious stimulus plan, the Russian government sent some conflicting signals to the business community. This article by FTI Consulting discusses what these signals might mean for the Russian economy and foreign investors.

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Global Energy: The Private Equity Opportunity of the Century

Posted On: 8 Sep 2013  |  Source: BerchWood Partners, 2013

This report marks the second issue in BerchWood Partners’ 2013 series of private equity market surveys, which are intended as a vehicle to share Berchwood's views and insights with colleagues in the private equity community about specific regions and sectors considered particularly noteworthy. This issue highlights the fundamental shifts in the global energy landscape, such as the unprecedented shale gas revolution, which are creating massive investment opportunities in the near and longer term. These in turn are causing huge ripple effects down the value chain and into adjacent markets across the globe. For private equity, this does indeed represent the opportunity of the century—which is good news for investors and the broader economy.

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