Executive Summary of the EMPEA Long-Term Strategy

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EMPEA has accomplished much and grown substantially in its first ten years. We  recommit  to  our original mission: to foster a vibrant and informed private capital industry to realize investment returns and sustainable growth in emerging markets. We also renew our pledge that EMPEA will equip our members with the intelligence and the relationships needed to navigate any market that is seeded with opportunity. We will continue to serve our members by providing authoritative intelligence, conferences and events, networking, education and general and regulatory advocacy. After ten years, EMPEA  has become a stand-­alone name rather than an acronym, and grown to be synonymous with private capital in emerging markets.

Our members are increasingly looking to EMPEA to help them navigate myriad challenges facing  the industry in the next decade. We will respond with laser focus to make EMPEA a member-­centric organization. Increasingly, serving and engaging with our members is recognized to be our organization’s raison d’être.

As we execute on our mission in the coming years, EMPEA will seek to maximize the value of our existing platform by engaging actively with our members as well as other stakeholders (including media and emerging market government officials and regulators). Intelligence and connectivity have always been the hallmarks of our activities and programming. Our existing and new member engagement initiatives and thematic programming, geared to address the challenges of the industry, will be designed to lead to a community that is ever more vibrant, connected and informed, and thus valuable to its members.