EMPEA is the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets. An independent, non-profit organization, the association brings together 300+ firms—including institutional investors, fund managers, and industry advisors—who manage more than USD5 trillion in assets across 130 countries. EMPEA supports its members globally through research and intelligence, investor meetings, education, and advocacy.

Despite significant differences across regions and countries, private capital managers and investors face important common challenges and opportunities. EMPEA’s mission is to foster a vibrant and informed industry to realize sustainable growth in emerging markets. In support of its mission, EMPEA:

  • Researches, analyzes, and disseminates authoritative information on emerging markets private capital fundraising, investment, and exits while continuously monitoring and reporting on industry trends, benchmarks, best practices, and market developments;
  • Convenes investors for meetings and programs around the world, which provide its members, investors, and other interested stakeholders with forums and opportunities to debate, network, and learn about key issues affecting private capital investing in emerging countries;
  • Collaborates with industry partners, including national and regional venture capital/private equity associations, to strengthen the network and knowledge base of emerging markets private capital practitioners; and
  • Advocates for policy and regulatory reforms that strengthen the environment for private capital investing in emerging markets.