EMPEA membership is open to a broad range of institutions, including GPs, LPs, emerging markets business associations, private equity professional service providers, multilateral institutions, academic institutions and other organizations.*

*EMPEA membership runs on an annual cycle beginning April 1 – March 31. Those applying for membership between April 15 and July 1 will be invoiced for the current year on a pro-rated basis. After July 1, new memberships will be invoiced to include the annual fee for the next full membership year in addition to the remainder of the current membership year, pro-rata.

Step One: Membership Overview (check one)

Membership Level


Leadership Circle

Open to LPs, GPs, DFIs, professional service providers and other organizations. Leadership Circle members work closely with EMPEA to help guide and advise the association on a wide range of topics affecting the industry and receive priority consideration for speakership, collaboration and co-authoring opportunities.

Limited Partners
Institutional Investors

Open to all institutional investors that invest in private equity funds. These include public and private pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, DFIs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, endowments, and foundations.

Limited Partners
3rd Party Fund Managers

These include fund of funds, secondaries funds, multi-family offices and specialist advisers, gatekeepers and consultants with discretionary mandates that invest in private equity funds.

Fund Managers

Private equity, private debt and venture capital fund managers who manage third-party capital in blind pools of closed-ended investment vehicles, investing into listed and non-listed companies.

Direct Investors

Institutional investors, corporate entities and family offices whose direct private equity investments make up a majority of their overall private equity portfolio.

Service Providers

Open to all industry advisors, intermediaries, strategic investors, and other service providers within the private equity and venture capital industry. These include law firms, accounting/auditing firms, consulting/advisory firms, executive search firms, insurance firms, placement agents, publishing/communications firms, software providers and third-party fund administrators.


Open to academic, governmental and non-profit institutions.

Membership Type

(please check the member category for which you are applying)

Annual Fee (US$)

Entry Fee (US$)

Leadership Circle

$30,000 $2,700
$18,500 $1,500

Limited Partners: Institutional Investors

$4,500 $800

Limited Partners: 3rd Party Fund Managers

Check the relevant category:

Fund Managers

$12,500 $1,500
$5,500 $800

Direct Investors

$5,000 $800

Service Providers

$10,000 $1,500
$5,000 $800


$3,700 $800

Step Two: Contact Information

Headquarters Address and Contact Details * Required Field

EMPEA is the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets. We are an independent, nonprofit organization with over 340 member firms, comprising institutional investors, fund managers and industry advisors, who together manage more than US$1 trillion of assets and have offices in more than 100 countries across the globe.

EMPEA membership is open to a broad range of institutions, including GPs, LPs, emerging markets business associations, private equity professional service providers, multilateral institutions, academic institutions and other organizations.

Step Three: Organization Profile

About Your Organization

  • Geographic Focus (Select all that apply)

  • Fund Type Preference

    *Committed capital, the basis on which management fees are assessed.

Funds Currently Managed or Advised

  • Fund Type Preference

LP's: Please list a sample of your organizations active fund commitments:


Step Four: Contact Information (continued)

  • *The contact details of the indicated Key Contact(s) will be included with your firm profile in the online and print versions of the EMPEA Member Directory (externally facing; will be visible in Member Directory).

  • Key Contact(s):

    Please list the decision marker(s) and/or head of the department submitting the application. This individual will be our primary contact for special mailing initiatives and will have his/her name listed as your organization's Key Contact(s) on EMPEA's online and print member directory.

  • The primary recipient of invoices, if different from key contact.

  • Responsible for advertising, sponsorship and/or marketing at your organization.

  • Responsible for submitting fund/investment information through secure link.

  • EMPEA's members have 24/7 access to their online member portal, which houses our quarterly EM PE data, special reports, listings of upcoming conferences and events, recordings of past webcast, regional intelligence, industry news and much more. Please note that Leadership Circle members have access to an unlimited number of individual log-ins, while non-Leadership Circle members are eligible for 15.

    Please enter contact information for all employees who you wish to benefit from EMPEA's resources and receive the communication about upcoming content and reports, events and more. Non-Leadership Circle members, please be sure to designate up to 15 persons whom you would like to be granted access to personalized EMPEA accounts. If you want to include more than 15 employee contacts, please email

Step Five: Additional Information

Additional Information

  • What do you hope to gain most out of membership?

Please provide two references, one of which must be from a current EMPEA member organization, whom we may contact regarding your organization.

Did someone from an EMPEA member organization refer you to membership? If so, whom may we thank for referring you?

Step Six: Review & Submit

By submitting this application, your organization agrees to its membership commitments and obligations through at least one full membership cycle.* Membership payment not received within 3 months of the invoice data will void this application. The signature of your organization’s contact person below attests to this agreement.

EMPEA’s membership cycle runs from 1 April – 31 March annually. Those applying for membership between 15 April and 1 July will be invoiced for the current membership year on a pro-rated basis. Those applying for membership after 1 July will be billed for the remainder of the current year on a pro-rated basis in addition to the membership fee for the full cycle ahead.

Members are expected to maintain the responsibility of supporting EMPEA's mission and goals and are encouraged to participate, when appropriate, in the association's activities and keep abreast of its initiatives. Members are expected to familiarize themselves with, and utilize the resources, platforms and benefits available through membership.