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EMPEA Data Dashboards

EMPEA's Data Dashboards provides industry professionals and academic researchers with the power to analyze emerging markets private equity and venture capital trends through an interactive format. The Dashboards supplement EMPEA's quarterly Industry Statistics and Data Insights. A more in depth version of the Dashboards is exclusively available to EMPEA Members, so please login if you are a Member. To check your firm's membership status, please visit our List of Member Firms. If you don't already have one, you can create a Members-Only account here. Need more help? Please contact us at or call +1.202.333.8171 and then dial option 3 or 6.

How to navigate the Data Dashboards

  1. EMPEA Members, login first to have full access to the Data Dashboard. If you are not an EMPEA Member, you can still access the data, but you will not be able to view every section.
  2. Click on one of the four tabs at the top to navigate to the selection's interactive dashboard.
  3. Within each section, click on a heading in the grey scroll menu bar to view the dashboard. Headings with an (*) in name are available only to EMPEA members.
  4. In most dashboards, scrolling over an item will display additional details in the tooltip.
  5. Many dashboards have a year scroll, region/country filter, or other criteria to help you drill down.
  6. To reset a dashboard, simply click the orange icon above the grey scroll menu bar.
  7. To learn more about the data included in these dashboards and to source this data, please view EMPEA’s Data Methodology and Research Terms of Use.
EMPEA Members also have access to the Research HelpDesk service, through which they can request custom cuts of data. For questions on the Dashboards or to request a custom data cut, please contact

EMPEA has served as a useful reference platform for CDPQ by helping to define the eligible universe of fund managers in growth markets. Membership provides background data and a...

Rashad Kaldany | Executive Vice-President and Growth Markets, CDPQ

The developed markets have no equivalent to the role EMPEA is playing as a convener and source of trusted information in the emerging markets.

David Rubenstein | Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group