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FundLink is EMPEA's proprietary research database that covers fundraising, investment and exit activity across private equity, venture capital, private credit and infrastructure by alternative asset managers and investors active in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
FundLink is populated with data obtained through direct fund manager entries, surveys of industry participants, press releases, trade publications, and exchanges with regional and local private equity and venture capital associations. Fundraising, investment and exit amounts featured in EMPEA reports are  confirmed wherever possible by fund managers. EMPEA updates historical data on a quarterly basis as new data from fund managers and other sources is compiled in FundLink. Any discrepancies between the aggregate statistics published by EMPEA and the constituent data on individual funds and transactions included in tables and raw data files can be attributed to confidential information that has been omitted from public reporting.
FundLink excludes activity from real estate funds, fund of funds, secondaries funds, traditional investment holding companies, corporate strategic investors, government-owned or managed entities and captive investment vehicles, as well as funds investing primarily in publicly-traded equity or debt securities. To learn more about FundLink, please contact
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EMPEA has served as a useful reference platform for CDPQ by helping to define the eligible universe of fund managers in growth markets. Membership provides background data and a...

Rashad Kaldany | Executive Vice-President and Growth Markets, CDPQ

The developed markets have no equivalent to the role EMPEA is playing as a convener and source of trusted information in the emerging markets.

David Rubenstein | Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group