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Industry and Regulatory Advocacy

EMPEA advocates for regulatory regimes that promote a sustainable and competitive private equity industry in emerging markets.

EMPEA plays a leading role in regulatory advocacy by providing guidance to policymakers on international best practices for regulating private capital which supports governments to attract international capital flows by creating a conducive environment for the asset class. Our diverse membership makes it possible to assist in crafting balanced, objective, synchronized and informed industry responses that are welcomed by regulators seeking comment to material policy and regulatory developments, including consultation exercises with governmental and regulatory, NGO and trade bodies. Member law firms and general counsels are often called upon to address the latest trends in terms and conditions in specific geographies or sectors in various EMPEA-led forums, such as EMPEA conferences, Council meetings and executive briefings.

EMPEA also consults with local governments and policymakers on global regulations; catalyzes informed discussions through the organization of programs and dissemination of educational resources; engages with industry stakeholders to open the dialogue on the impact of private equity; works with regulatory bodies to provide guidance on issues that may impede or otherwise affect long-term investment capital; and utilizes its peer market experience to respond to specific Member requests on issues raised by local regulation and policy proposals.

Industry and Regulatory Advocacy Resources

As a Founding Member Firm of EMPEA , I am proud of what the organization achieved. I look forward to playing an active role on the Board of Directors as we enter our next phase.

Drew Guff | Managing Director and Founding Partner, Siguler Guff & Company

I’m honored to join fellow industry pioneers in the leadership of an unparalleled network, filled with first movers, shaping the future of industries and communities.

Dr. Andrew Kuper | Founder and CEO, LeapFrog Investments

EMPEA's market and industry intelligence opens doors to new sources of capital.  I look forward to the future success of EMPEA and its members

Torbjorn Caesar | Senior Partner and Actis

While there are certainly challenges for the industry, the opportunities abound in our target markets and globally, making a global association like EMPEA more relevant than ever.

Drew Guff | Managing Director & Founding Partner and Siguler Guff & Company

The developed markets have no equivalent to the role EMPEA is playing as a convener and source of trusted information in the emerging markets.

David Rubenstein | Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group