Our Story

In 2004, private equity in emerging markets was still nascent, and virtually no data existed. Yet, opportunity existed to add value to promising companies operating in frontier economies that would help investors tap into the vast consumer markets, and as a result, generate strong returns. But what the early pioneers in emerging markets needed most at the time was guidance and connections. Best practices and shared ideas. EMPEA was founded in 2004 to serve as an industry body that would professionalize the asset class and provide guidance and leadership that was needed by the earliest practitioners.

Since then, the emerging markets private equity asset class has matured at a rate unimaginable to the association’s first members. Over the last two decades, private equity has spread from the initial markets of interest of China, India and Brazil to countries as varied as Kenya, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia and Myanmar. Strategies have expanded to include private credit, mezzanine and venture capital, while the pool of institutional investors continues to diversify and grow.

EMPEA continues to cater to the needs of its members who have played a significant role in building the industry and who represent every geographic region of the world and every type of private capital fund – from venture to growth capital to buyouts. EMPEA’s work focuses on the following three core areas:

Research & Intelligence

EMPEA prides itself on being a preeminent source of research on private capital activity and trends across emerging markets. EMPEA’s best-in-class data covers fundraising, investment and exit activity in emerging markets by long-term, direct investment funds across private equity, private credit and infrastructure & real assets.

EMPEA’s research is regularly featured in leading newspapers and journals, GP pitch books, and LP strategy memos. Members have come to rely on custom research support for insight into investors’ allocations to various markets, competitive landscapes and data on individual funds and transactions.

Global Network & Connectivity

Throughout the year, EMPEA organizes conferences, roundtables, executive briefings and unique member events around the world, where members can benefit from powerful business networking opportunities and the chance to meet and hear from the industry’s most prominent leaders and practitioners. Through participation on Councils and member Communities, members have the opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange and ability to shape the organization’s focus

Education & Advocacy

To promote the industry on members’ behalf, EMPEA provides information to a broad constituency of players that influence developments in the asset class, including the media, regulators and institutional investors. EMPEA also organizes and participates in educational activities on behalf of its members and the asset class. EMPEA creates guidelines and collaborates with industry partners to strengthen the knowledge base of emerging markets private capital opportunities and to advocate for policy and regulatory reforms that support a sustainable environment for private capital investing in these markets.