David Wilton

Managing Director

Morgan Stanley

David Wilton is a Managing Director for the Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners Private Equity Fund Group where he is leading initiatives in Investing With Impact. David is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the EMPEA and a Member of the International Development Working Group of the G8 Impact Investing Task Force. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, David was Chief Investment Officer and Manager, Global Private Equity with responsibility for IFC’s investment program of around $400-500 million per annum in emerging market funds globally and management of IFC’s portfolio of $4 billion in commitments to around 200 funds in emerging markets. While at IFC David was a member of the World Bank’s Pension Finance Committee with oversight of the Bank’s pension fund. Prior to joining IFC David worked in the World Bank Pension Fund where he was responsible for managing the private equity and real estate portfolios and in the Financial Markets and Africa Departments of the World Bank where he analyzed the functioning of money and bond markets in a wide range of countries from China and Russia to Bangladesh, Tajikistan, India and Kenya. Prior to joining the World Bank Group David was employed by the International Monetary Fund as Advisor on Money Market Development to the Central Bank of Egypt, Cairo. Before going to Egypt, David was Manager, Risk Management and Process Discipline with the investment division of Colonial Mutual (NZ) based in Wellington, New Zealand. Prior to Colonial, David was Manager, Liquidity Management and Policy with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand. David has contributed to a number of publications including: China’s Emerging Capital Markets, Financial Times 1997 Developing Government Bond Markets, A Handbook, World Bank & International Monetary Fund, 2001 Private Equity in Emerging Markets, The New Frontiers of International Finance, Edited by Darek Klonowski, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 David has an MCom (Hons) degree from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.