Afsane Jetha

Managing Partner & CEO

Alta Semper Capital

Afsane Jetha is the Managing Partner & CEO of Alta Semper Capital, which she co-founded in 2015 alongside Ronald Lauder (Chairman of Clinique) and Richard Parsons (Former CEO of Time Warner) in 2015. Alta Semper Capital invests flexible and strategic capital in healthcare and consumer opportunities across select growth markets. Alta Semper has invested in the market-leading medicated cosmetics company in Egypt (Macro Pharma), the largest pharmacy retail in Nigeria (HealthPlus), and the largest group of oncology and radiology clinics in Morocco (Oncologie et Radiologie du Maroc – ODM), making it the most active private equity investor in the healthcare space in Africa, in terms of deals closed in the last 18 months. Prior to founding Alta Semper, Afsane spent nearly five years with the Duet Group as the Managing Director of the firm’s African Private Equity platform, investing nearly US$200m across Sub-Saharan Africa. While at Duet, Afsane led the largest private equity transaction into Ethiopia, Dashen Brewery, as well as, sourced and executed on several consumer-facing transactions in Ghana, Uganda and Cote D’Ivoire. Prior to Duet, she was at GI Partners where she executed several transactions in the healthcare, consumer and real-estate sectors. Earlier in her career, she was part of the Consumer Team at Permira in London which followed her time at Wasserstein Private Equity and Merrill Lynch in New York. Afsane holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc in Economics, from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Afsane is a being a fourth generation Tanzanian and strong personal and professional ties to East Africa.