Data & Intelligence

Impact Case Study: Liberty Star Consumer Holdings (Libstar)

Metier co-founded Libstar in 2005 and has since acquired controlling stakes in more than 20 South African business in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing and distribution sector.

  • Company Headquarters: South Africa
  • Business focus: Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Revenue: ZAR3.5 billion

Impact Highlights

  • Since 2006, Libstar has provided more than 20 manufacturing subsidiaries with expansion capital, more favorable borrowing terms, and professional business planning

  • By negotiating volume rates on business services and raw material inputs and pooling working capital resources, Libstar businesses cut costs and reduced seasonal resource constraints

  • Due to their association with Libstar, subsidiaries gained access to national and international retailing customers through new private label and contract manufacturing relationships

  • Libstar has improved portfolio companies’ compliance with Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) criteria, increased employment, and spent more than ZAR9.5 million in training and community outreach in 2011


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