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Impact Case Study: Newpack

I&P Management acquired 100% of Newpack in July 2008 through the first LBO involving Mauritius and Madagascar.

Company Headquarters:  Madagascar
Business focus:  Corrugated cardboard packaging for transformation industries
Revenue:  US$10.4 million (FY 2010)

impact highlights

  • Newpack leveraged its sustainability achievements to attract new clients, including one of Madagascar’s leading seafood companies, and to penetrate export markets (Mauritius, Seychelles and la Réunion island)

  • Through resource efficiency and the recycling and sales of paper waste, Newpack generated roughly US$539,000 in savings and income over two years

  • Over three years, Newpack’s sustainability initiatives led to dramatic reductions in resource consumption, including decreases in electricity (29%), water (47%) and starch (5%) usage

  • With I&P’s help, Newpack designed and implemented an Environmental and Social Management System to track performance metrics and prioritize corporate sustainability objectives


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